Applicants must have:

Applicants must have completed the equivalence of the CPA Preparatory Courses in one of McMaster’s Honours Commerce or MBA programs.

Applicants must also have:

  1. A four-year honours bachelor degree or equivalent from a Canadian University;
  2. At least a B- (70 – 72%) average in courses on economics; statistics, corporate finance; introductory; intermediate and advanced financial accounting; introductory, intermediate and advanced managerial accounting; accounting theory; audit and assurance, and taxation with a minimum passing grade of 60% in each course
  3. At least a B (73 – 76%) average in each of the last two years of university study.
  4. To comply with the School of Graduate Studies’ admission requirements for graduate diplomas, applicants must have at least a B+ average (equivalent to a McMaster 8.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) out of 12) in the final year in all courses in the accounting discipline, or relating to the accounting discipline.

Candidates from other Canadian universities who have completed the equivalence of the technical and enabling competencies of the CPA Preparatory Courses will be considered, on a case-by-case basis, for admission to the Graduate Diploma program, subject to an assessment of the detailed course outlines for courses listed under (ii).  Candidates must submit the relevant course outlines in their application.

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